Keith Conley CFP®, CKA®

Senior Financial Advisor

Keith Conley is a senior financial advisor at True Legacy Financial Planning. Keith's interest in personal finance was discovered while he was serving in pastoral ministry during a pastoral counseling issue. In 2013, Keith began working at FEDLOAN Servicing, which was at one time the nation’s largest Federal Student Loan Servicer.

While working at FEDLOAN, Keith discovered that he could serve the Lord in the area of finance which caused him to pursue the educational requirements for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and CERTIFIED KINGDOM ADVISOR designations, which he was awarded in 2018.

Keith's passion is incorporating biblical wisdom in finance with experienced financial planning. He believes that integrating faith and money is an opportunity to help families create a spiritual and financial legacy that can last generations.  One of his favorite questions to ask clients is how the next steward of their wealth is being prepared.

Keith's clients include business owners, churches, and ministers. Keith started in the financial services industry in 2013 when he worked for FEDLOAN, servicing over 1,000 student loan borrowers. Keith continues to provide student loan consulting to borrowers for medical and legal professionals.

Keith works from his office in Tustin, CA but is happy to work with clients both in person and virtually, which increases his ability to work with folks across the nation.

Phone 949-438-0397